Daiwa Tournament Pro Match & Leger Rods

Daiwa Tournament Pro Match & Leger Rods
Daiwa Tournament Pro Match & Leger Rods




Already renowned for their near perfect suitability to the UK match angler’s requirements the Tournament Pro rods are now even better! Utilising a refined carbon technology called SVF; Super Volume Carbon and bias carbon V-Joint our designers have been able to deliver more flex and action without compromising accuracy and power. This advance answers the need for more fish playing cushion as the modern match scene is dominated by carp. 

The float rod range begins with two commercial specials at 11’ and 12’. These equal length models are a ‘go to’ model for pellet waggler work yet will handle lighter scale float tactics when required.

However serving the challenges of natural venues the 13’, 13’/15’ and 14’ will serve bigger open water, slider and river work. There is also a 1.7’ extension for the 13’ and 13’/15’.

For the feeder we have something very special with five super models to choose from. 

Advances in managing carbon / resin efficiency have allowed for the development our amazing Megatop carbon quivers. Their ultra light performance is offset with remarkable durability that is far greater than conventional carbon tips. Their low diameter has also allowed for slimmer top sections. Combined with application of SVF each model will deliver incredible balance and feel as well as an outstanding degree of fish playing cushion. Each model comes supplied with two Megatop quivers.

This shift in ‘softness’ does not compromise in the accuracy and power stakes. Each model still will deliver pin point casting and stacks of fish control.

Such an achievement in design deserves well considered furnishing and the handle is a masterpiece. The redeveloped Tournament reel seat not only adds a touch of class but also bring the reel closer to the hand. The blend of cork and high density EVA delivers added comfort thanks too to Armlock. All of which are finished off with subtle red metal trim.

All models also feature Fuji Alconite guides and come supplied with a protective tube.

  • High modulus SVF Super Volume Fibre blanks
  • Bias Carbon V-Joints
  • Unique Tournament reel seat
  • Megatop quivers on feeder rods
  • Fuji Alconite guides
  • Combined cork and Duplon handle with Armlock
  • Supplied in protective tube


Model                    Length  Wgt Ozs    Style              Rec'd Lines lbs             Guides                    RRP

TNPM11W-AU        11'          5.6        Match              2lbs-6lbs                   Fuji Alconite            £385.00

TNPM12W-AU        12'          6.2        Match             2lbs-6lbs                   Fuji Alconite             £399.00

TNPM13W-AU        13'          6.5        Match             2lbs-6lbs                   Fuji Alconite             £445.00

TNPM14W-AU        14’          6.8        Match             2lbs-6lbs                   Fuji Alconite             £475.00

TNPM1315W-AU    13’/15’   7.8        Match              2lbs-6lbs                  Fuji Alconite             £525.00

TNPM17E-AU         17'           -           Match                     -                        Fuji Alconite             £52.99

TNPF9Q-AU            9'           4.8         Match              2lbs-8lbs                  Fuji Alconite             £385.00

TNPF10Q-AU          10'         5.5         Match              2lbs-8lbs                  Fuji Alconite             £399.00

TNPF11Q-AU          11'         5.7         Match              2lbs-8lbs                  Fuji Alconite             £410.00

TNPF1011Q-AU      10'/11'    5.7        Match              2lbs-8lbs                  Fuji Alconite              £415.00

TNPF1213Q-AU      12'/13'    7.8        Match              2lbs-8lbs                   Fuji Alconite             £450.00

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